Thursday, February 7, 2008

Central Park and Prospect Park

A bumper crop of unleashed dogs.

Central Park:

8:20: 4 in southeast portion of Ramble
8:50: At least 12 in "quiet area" (with signs that dogs must be leashed at all times) next
to Turtle Pond.
9:00: 1 on running track around reservoir, running past sign saying "no dogs"
9:15: 4 on cinder path next to running track, south side of reservoir

All of the owners were white.

Prospect Park:

4:45PM: 7, Nethermead Meadow (P.E.P. vehicle drove by and ignored the unleashed dogs.)
4:50PM: 3, Baseball fields
4:55PM: 27, Long Meadow (That is not a typo, there were 27 unleashed
dogs from the Tennis House area northward.)
Most of the dogs on the Long Meadow were concentrated in the area near
the Picnic House. We observed a jogger, running south along the meadow, suddenly stop and begin walking when he saw the dogs.

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Anonymous said...

Is the Health Department just waiting for a death by mauling before anything is done? They can't say that they weren't warned.