Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why Do We Care About Loose Dogs?

1. From Prospect Park, today's loose dog catalogue:

1:15PM: 5, Nethermead Meadow
1:45PM: 1, Horse path near Binnen Water
1:50PM: 3, Long Meadow

All dog owners were caucasian.

2. Another dog incident in Central Park, no details but apparently the dog was unleashed: A posting yesterday by Daniel Weaver at

Thank you for your help about the Thistle Seed. If I haven't responded its because I was mowed down by a dog when I was running this morning (Saturday) I am in pretty bad shape it was ugly.

Important to note: if in fact the dog was unleashed, it might well have been so legally. As we've noted in a prior post, before 9 A.M., most of Central Park is one big unfenced dog run. One wonders what Central Park's hundreds of runners were doing when first the Health Department and then the Parks Department held hearings on amendments to the leash law. They certainly weren't at the hearings.

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