Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Peninsula and Scottish Terriers

Prospect Park this morning was cold and gray enough that the peninsula meadow was empty of dogs, so we took the opportunity to take a stroll across it. As we reported last week about the Nethermead, it is now a mass of ankle-breaking potholes, the product of dogs digging. So like the Nethermead, thanks to the city's misguided off-leash policy, come spring the peninsula meadow will also be effectively off-limits to soccer and frisbee players .

In the peninsula woods, most of the fences were down. And we saw a large unleashed brown dog there; but, as we reported before, that now seems to be legal.

And today we discovered a post by someone who doesn't like the idea of our reporting illegal "off-leash" activity.

Believe us: we don't either, but we see no alternative.

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