Monday, March 10, 2008


We got to Prospect Park this morning after loose dog hours, and since (a bit surprisingly) there were no extended courtesy hours loose dogs about, we decided to take a stroll across the Nethermead. We walked in a straight line from the Nethermead Arches toward the path to Wellhouse Road and observed, along or very close to the line, 14 (that's fourteen) holes. Each of these holes was plenty large and deep enough to accommodate an unwary human foot.

I can think of no natural process that would have caused these holes. The Nethermead is natural grass, not paved (at least not yet). There's little doubt that the holes were the handiwork of dogs, digging . In turning the Nethermead into an off-hours dog run, 365 days a year, and then compounding the felony by permitting it to be used as a dog run any time of day, the DOPR has made the area too dangerous to be used for anything else.

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