Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nethermead Again

But first the early morning dog report from Prospect Park.

Actually, between about 6 and 7 A.M. on the perimeter roads, we saw no unleashed dogs, including on Long Meadow. We did, however, encounter about 40 people. Two were white folks walking dogs. Of the other 38 or so, none accompanied by dogs, about 10 were white and the rest were black. Unscientific conclusions: (1) the notion that the only people in the park in the early morning hours are dog walkers is rubbish and (2) the overwhelming majority of park users, at least in the early morning hours, are black people without dogs.

To the Nethermead: 6:15 P.M., 9 unleashed dogs, all accompanied by white people. No cops, and of course no PEP agents, in sight. We attempted to report this to a 311 operator who, however, told us that "Nethermead" was not listed on her computer as a part of Prospect Park, and the system would not accept her keying it in manually. So much for Tupper Thomas's supposed crackdown.

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