Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Prospect Park, The Dog Playground; New Nethermead Petition

7:50 A.M.: Wellhouse Road where it turns to go over Terrace Bridge, 3 loose dogs of various sizes heading in various directions. The owner of one had let the dog's leash go on the path from the Nethermead, evidently so the dog could run the rest of the way to the peninsula. And then as we headed over Terrace Bridge we heard loud barking. We turned around and saw a woman playing fetch with her dog on the slope below the Maryland Monument. (Yes, unleashed dogs bark, notwithstanding what the off-leash crowd will tell you.) Presumably, either the Peninsula was too crowded (there were 6 dogs there) or the dog hadn't been socialized enough to go there.

Why are there no signs anywhere in Prospect Park except at its entrances and the dog beach specifying when loose dog hours are? Why are there no signs at entrances to the woodlands, or other frequented by off-leash scofflaws, saying "dogs must be leashed at all times in this area"?

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It seems that Tupper Thomas’s puppet organization, FIDO. is petitioning to restore 5 P.M. off-leash hours on the Nethermead weekdays. Why bother? They’re there already!

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