Sunday, July 27, 2008

Salt and Pepper Lake City

An entertaining thread about a walker in a Salt Lake City park who, scared by an illegally off-leash dog, treated it to pepper spray.

From a correspondent:

Nothing ever changes (for the better). I read nearly all the comments. I was reminded of the leash/unleash battles we had several years ago.

So many dog owners are irretrievably and utterly people haters. So, there is no communication from a victim/near victim of a dog attack that will provoke these people haters to any degree of compassion. Their hardened attitude seems to be: if some maniac prevents a maddened, rabid dog from ripping the throat of a three-year old, then the hero is a nazi dog hater, and the child caused the attack anyway. This is so evident from their coarse name calling and auto-pilot defense of all dogs, without asking or including the situation of the attack.

"You don't like my dog gouging your Adams apple? You're just another miserable dog hater."

The failure of our fight against unleashed dogs was that we never brought in the psychologists to give us a professional analysis of these people. We may have had better ammunition, and won.

Thanks for bringing back those memories! Passionate discussion will bring out the inner creative writing skills. As in "asstard". Beautiful!

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Prospect Park

Last Friday around 3:30 P.M., 4 dogs at the dog beach, all unleashed, and one of them wandering around the fringes of the Long Meadow as well. One owner black, the rest white.

This morning around 7:30, 2 loose dogs near Long Meadow, one east of the drive and the other west, near the road. One owner white, the other black. Also, 1 on the ballfields at the south end of Long Meadow, white owner, while about 10 black soccer players milled around at the edge of the fields.

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