Friday, August 22, 2008

SI Pit Bull Update II; Ticket on the Nethermead

Henry Piotrowski, the Staten Island man mauled by two loose pit bulls last month, has done prosecutors a big favor by, as we predicted in our July 2 post, dying of his injuries. Prosecutors will now almost certainly seek, and get, an indictment for second degree murder. Even that charge will probably be plea-bargained down or reduced by a jury, but maybe not. And today's Staten Island Advance reports that the city knew about the pit bulls running loose and did not take the reports seriously.

Meanwhile, a post over at reports a policeman (not, heaven forbid, a PEP agent) ticketing one woman for having her “Rock Wilder” (that’s what the ticket said) off-leash on the Nethermead, apparently after 5 P.M. last Sunday. The post goes on to claim that Prospect Park has “always” had an unofficial off-leash policy on the Nethermead starting at 5 P.M. But actually, that unofficial policy allowed dogs to run on the Nethermead between 5 P.M. and 9 P.M. WEEKDAYS ONLY. There has never been a policy, official or otherwise, allowing off-leash dogs on the Nethermead before 9 P.M. on weekends: read FIDO's website. So this woman was acting illegally even according to that old policy, which was in any event superseded by the current off-leash regulations. She richly deserved what she got, even if it was only the hassle of having to fight the ticket.

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