Thursday, September 11, 2008

Marcia Returns; Tales of Loose Pit Bulls; Dog Beach; Unleashed in Alabama

A friend called this morning and reported that Marcia and her two unleashed dogs had been in the Rose Garden of Prospect Park.

This afternoon, on the Nethermead Meadow, there was a white couple tossing a large branch for their unleashed pit bull. A short time later we walked past the "Dog Beach" where there were three unleashed dogs in the water. Just up the path from the beach, a woman was tossing a ball for her unleashed dog onto the baseball fields. She walked away when she saw us taking photographs.

* * *

From today’s Newsday:

A pit bull on the loose bit two people in Farmingdale yesterday morning before Nassau police chased the dog down and shot it - twice with tranquilizer darts and once with a gun, police said.

The black-and-white dog, wearing a collar and broken leash, died on the way to the animal hospital, authorities said.

Read it all here. The dog was not wearing identification and so far nobody has admitted owning the dog.

Also, this past Monday's New York Post reports that the lawyer for the owner of a dog bitten to death by a pit bull has obtained records showing that the pit bull was released ten days after the attack.

"The Health Department investigated this dog-bite incident when it occurred," said a spokeswoman. "Based on that review, the dog was released on the condition that it wear a muzzle in public. We are not aware of any other incidents with this dog since that time."

Back on January 20, we blogged that the owner of a dog attacked by another dog in New York City—although not elsewhere in New York State—has limited recourse. This story confirms it.

* * *

At about 11:15 this morning, four human babies were observed playing in the water at the dog beach. If in fact the resident rats leave bacteria in the water that's dangerous to dogs, isn't it dangerous to children also? And if so, why isn't there a sign? Or is the DOPR now concerned only about dogs?

* * *

One of the comments in the inane NY Times blog we reported yesterday claimed that communities all over the country are unleashing their dogs, implying that this was a Good Thing. So we bring you the following report from yesterday’s Dadeville, Alabama Record:

Charles White just wants to find a solution two months after his teacup Chihuahua, Lacy, was found dead, a victim, according to White, of an attack by a larger dog.

White asked the Tallapoosa County Commission to adopt a law, already part of the Alabama code, which would force a dog owner to be in control of their pet when off of their private property.

“We have too many dogs running around neighborhoods in the county,” said White. “I am fed up with all the loose dogs. Dogs run up and down the road here all the time and it gets old.”

Read the whole thing here.

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surreal947 said...

With 45+ million dogs in the USA, CREDO has to cull horror stories from the far reaches of the country. That alone points to the absurdity of your campaign.

The dog on Long Island was a pit bull that broke its leash or rope since it was connected to its collar. The poor dog was probably mistreated and used as a guard dog for a commercial or residential property. Once again- proper training and socialization is the way to go. This is equivalent to child abuse.

The police on LI did what they had to do and I hope the owner is found and properly punished.

Your other citations about dog on dog attacks. As long as the laws treat dogs as personal property, the police are helpless to act unless there is a public danger.