Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pit Bulls and Governor Palin

We usually stay away from politics on this blog, but couldn’t help noticing the following in the online Alaska Report:

When Sarah Palin joked about herself and her fellow hockey moms as pit bulls with lipstick, she may have revealed more than she intended. She made it sound a compliment—portraying herself and her peers as ordinary mothers who look good but are tough, tenacious, and defend their family at any cost. But do we really want a potential President whose prime trait is an eagerness to go for your throat at any pretext? We already have that: Dick Cheney.

Read the rest of it here. Consistent with our observation that the problem is not pit bulls but unleashed pit bulls, perhaps Governor Palin needs to be leashed. Or, perhaps, she should be turned loose in Prospect Park or Central Park during off-leash hours for a fight-to-the-death with the liberal dog owners.

* * * *
This morning at 6:55, two small unleashed were around the south side of the lake. An hour later, there were two large unleashed dogs at, respectively, Terrace Bridge and Binen Bridge.

On the way, as usual we heard lots of yapping on the Peninsula and the Nethermead. At the Nethermead, it sounded like an owner was trying to break up a dog fight. You’ll occasionally hear vacuous nonsense from supposed “animal behaviorists” that only unhappy dogs bark, and since off-leash dogs are happy, they don’t bark. They do. One revealing posting on the New York Times blog a couple of weeks ago, by an anti-leash partisan, asserted that according to the DOPR dog walkers are the second largest group of park users—next to recreational walkers. Said another way, the DOPR admits that more people come to the park to take a walk without dogs than with them. So our question is: why must it be that every single morning of the year, walkers who come to the park for some quiet time must instead be subjected to the sound of yapping dogs?

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surreal947 said...

You live in a city and are surrounded by others. You have to expect noise. Barking dogs are not a problem. Your sensitivity to it is.

Ball players are a small minority of park users but make lots of noise. The same for many other users of the park.

The idea of quiet enjoyment devoid of sounds is a 19th century concept that was altered by the rise in recreational athletic use of parks.

However, some parks and beaches do have quiet zones- they are a great idea. No games, no music, no dogs, no bikes- just nature.

As to Sarah Palin, speaking as one of those liberals (and proud of it).. whomever wrote that her comparison to pit bulls because they "look good but are tough, tenacious, and defend their family at any cost" told the truth about pit bulls, but not Sarah Palin.

Do not insult Pit Bulls by comparing her to them. Pit bulls don't lie. They don't pretend to be more qualified than they are. They don't try to censor books. And they put family first.

I support off-leash, and while I will accept (this one time) your snide comment about a "fight to the death" between Palin and liberals, I will say this:

Leash Palin, Muzzle McCain.. and leave us liberals and our dogs alone.