Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Brooklyn Bridge

Over at, a proposal to allow off-leash dogs at Red Hook’s Coffey Park:
While this has many strong Red Hook supporters, there are some Red Hookers who are reluctant about the proposal, at least partly because they (we) are so used to the guard dogs and attack dogs in Red Hook and of course Red Hook’s erstwhile feral dogs. Obviously attack dogs, fighting dogs, feral dogs, etc., will not be
in the park whether the proposal succeeds or not — people who own guards dogs or run dog fighting rings do not walk their dogs in parks, off-leash or otherwise.
Perhaps the author of this delicious bit of wishful thinking would like to explain WHY this is so "obvious", or how anyone who uses a city park can be assured that each NYC dog owner who unleashes his or her pet in a public space is a responsible dog owner. If she can pull that off, we’ve got a bridge we need her to help sell.

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