Friday, December 5, 2008

Another Pit Bull Attack; More Extended Dog Hours

Gowanus Lounge reports an attack on a leashed dog by an unleashed pit bull. This dog had an owner. So in this case again the problem is not the breed of the dog but the breed of the owner:

This morning between 9 and 10 A.M. there were about 20 unleashed dogs on Prospect Park's Long Meadow. Around 2:00 P.M., a couple were playing with a large unleashed dog on the Long Meadow; no other dogs were in view. About the same time on the Nethermead, an unleashed dog was accompanied, more or less, by a young blond woman and and older man with a tan trench coat. And around 3:40, an unleashed Irish setter was observed on the middle trail of Lookout Hill, accompanied by two males, one around 55 years old with a sweatshirt saying "Zoo" and the other around 30 years old. As usual, all owners were white.

On Wednesday just before 9:00 A.M., Marcia was at the Breeze Hill bird feeders with her two unleashed dogs and was warned by a DOPR employee, with predictable effect. We were told months ago that the police were "looking for her". They know her name and where she lives. Why is she still on the loose?

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Someone left this comment on Gowanus Lounge:

I was once crossing the baseball fields at 9th street when a very large german shep looking mutt, off leash, ran right up to be and was growling, snarling and baring teeth ( big teeth! lol ) I tried to slowly back away but the dog kept approaching. For the first few seconds I froze but after I pulled a folding knife from my back pack ( kept there for cutting my ankle wrap and tape when I play sports) I heard a woman’s voice calling for her dog. I screamed at the woman to come and physically get her dog immed or I would defend myself. At this point it was scary, the dog still growling like I stole it’s steak. BTW I was near nobody, hadn’t acted in a threatening way and was nowhere near the owner. Just walking across the field and I am being terrorized.

After about FIVE MINUTES of this asshole woman just calling for her dog to come the woman slowly came over and leashed her dog to the sound of me cursing her. I ran to see if I could find an officer, parks employee and I called 911 but the woman took off with her dog.

Didn’t have my cell phone lol.

If I had a child or girlfriend with me I may have acted against the animal.

The owner is the real animal.

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Datnioides said...

I was menaced and cornered by TWO ugly shepherd mutts while birding the peninsula in April 1998, so I fully sympathize with the guy who was charged by another shepherd mutt in the Prospect Park ballfields. Only, there's no LOL about it in my book. What the "dog lovers" don't realize is that people deserve to be able to walk in the park without being harassed and yes, terrorized by aggressive off leash dogs. So often, the animals have no recall, no obedience training whatsoever, just hugs and kisses and indulgence, so in addition to the frightening dog you have to put up with the screaming stupid owner whose dog completely ignores them. Please run that rule about being in control of your off-leash animal by me again, Tupper.

I've have a dog for over ten years and have never allowed it to become a nuisance to other people. It stays on a leash. I hand walk it for miles so it's in better shape than most of the off leash mutts you see running around in the long meadow. Off leash policy caters to the laziest dog owners who really shouldn't have dogs at all, if they don't have the time to exercise them properly the old-fashioned way.