Sunday, April 26, 2009

Loose Dog Roundup

Again, we wish.

1. This morning at 10 A.M. near Binnen Falls, a white male owner of two unleashed mixed pitbulls flew into a rage at a park employee and his companion when instructed to leash them. They considered calling the police but unfortunately did not.

2. On Friday, April 17, brave Sgt. Nellen of the NYPD was seen chasing a dogowner off a Prospect Park ballfield before 9 A.M. That's great, Sgt. Nellen. We last observed you talking to Marcia but apparently not giving her a summons.

3. On Tuesday, April 14 around 4 P.M., one of our correspondents was menaced on the Peninsula Meadow by 2 unleashed dogs wandering over from the viewing area near the water. As the two white female owners watched from a distance, our correspondent fought them off with pepper spray and kicks. When the owners eventually came over to leash the out-of-control dogs and were asked why they weren't leashed, one of them responded angrily, "it's a park!" No PEP or NYPD officers were in sight.

* * *
FOLLOW UP: Chickenunderwear asks: Do you know how the dog owners reacted to their dogs being sprayed with pepper spray? How did the dogs react?

Our correspondent reports that the pepper spray canister was old and only a trickle came out. One of the dogs visibly flinched but still kept coming. The owners were so far away that they might not even have noticed. So much for unleashed dogs being under their owners' control.

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