Friday, May 15, 2009

Are They Really Ticketing on the Nethermead?

This thread seems to indicate so, although that's not what our correspondent reports. Note the comment that a $100 ticket is a "joke". Hat tip to Winston.

* * *

Around 5 P.M., two unleashed pit bulls playing on the south side of the lake near the rink, owner black. So we called PEP (more about that tomorrow) and were told that someone would go out "as soon as the captain comes back". An hour later, a PEP officer called back to report that a couple of summonses had been issued. We don't know if it was this one.

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Christina said...

That Post article sure has backfired on the off-leashers. Maybe it wasn't such a smart idea for them to brag about having their dogs off the leash when they weren't supposed to and photographed holding up their summonses.