Sunday, May 3, 2009

Off-Leash Regs Now in Sidebar; More Prospect Videos

For easy reference we've added to our sidebar links to the Department of Health notice amending the "leash law" to permit the DOPR to allow off-leash dogs in the parks, and the revised DOPR regulations that do so. Read in particular the following language from the DOH notice:
Many comments of persons opposed to the amendment alleged that persons in control of off leash dogs do not comply with the current unofficial policies. DOPR, after reviewing such comments, has assured the Department that complaints should be made promptly through 311 if there are persons who let dogs run on or off the leash in areas off limits to dogs, or allow dogs to be off leash at impermissible times; or create any nuisance; or menace people, or otherwise behave in any manner that compromises public health, or threatens public safety. DOPR has represented that it will direct its enforcement officers to investigate and address such complaints.
[Italics added.] As we've shown and will continue to show, that hasn't happened: the DOPR doesn't "investigate" any 311 complaints, at least in Prospect, and doesn't even have agents on duty until after 9 A.M., when official dog hours are over.

One need look no further than this morning's videos to see the breadth of the problem. This guy on Lookout Hill unleashed his dog the moment he arrived on the wooded path.

These women had just walked with their unleashed dogs out of the lower Ravine path. When they saw me with my camera the leashes were put on.

In the peninsula woods a woman was running two pitbull terriers offleash.

There were many, many more other unleashed dogs in unauthorized areas. The Ravine, in particular, has become a highway for unleashed dogs despite very explicit signs at the entrances forbidding unleashed pets--as NYPD and PEP officers know quite well, yet refuse to do anything about it. Here are two examples, again from this morning.

Just a few years ago, the DOPR spent several years hundreds of thousands of dollars restoring this area. They must be aching to do it again.

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