Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Post Retraction

We're not going to link to it again--if you care, you can find the article yourselves--but the Post has now retracted the allegation, which was based on an erroneous report in a community newspaper,that anyone ever testified, at the hearing on the then-proposed off-leash regulations, that they'd "have no problem" pepper-spraying dog owners. The full text of the testimony is here. From a correspondent:
Good, good that you're getting them to retract that. The article was such garbage.

I know how disturbing all this is personally, believe me, I face it every single day in Central Park. Its hard to get through a walk without an altercation. I'm a little encouraged, however, because I am seeing an increase in park employees asking people to leash their dogs after 9am (zone gardeners are getting adament about it). But, jeepers, why do people have to be asked (told) to leash their dogs? Dog owners who just take what they want have absolutely zero integrity (that is, doing what's right when no one is watching).

As much as it hurts to get into this fray, it is important to keep at it until people with integrity who respect laws and rules prevail and get these laws enforced.

I hope more responsible dog owners get involved and aren't intimidated by the law-breakers. Responsible dog owners love dogs and know dogs. We provide mental and physical exercise, as well as structured fun and dog play without having to break any laws. If adhering to society's rules for dog-ownership (licenses,leash laws, pooper scooper laws etc.) is what it takes to be able to have the companionship of my dogs in NYC , that's what I'm willing to give for the joy of their companionship. I hate to break it to everyone, but, dogs are animals (and that's not a perjorative).

Keep up the good work.

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