Thursday, June 25, 2009

Leash Law and Chinese Dogs; Unleashed Pit Bulls

From Monday's San Francisco Chronicle:
William Foreman of the Associated Press has reported on the Chinese government's campaign against dogs. In Guangzhou, one of the richest provinces in China (it used to be called Canton and is located real near Hong Kong, for those of you using the old atlases), the authorities have decreed that every household is limited to one dog, even those households that already have more than one dog.

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I can only imagine what would have happened if such an edict had gone out from the rulers of the province of California. Heck, a few years ago I wrote a column supporting a leash law for a park in the Presidio. Oh God, were people mad. Apparently the Constitution granted them the right to let their dogs run free, and if they leaped on small children or knocked over adult humans or even defecated in the ice plants, is that not the price we are all willing to pay for sharing the Earth with these magnificent creatures?
Read the whole thing.

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And here's an NY1 story on unleashed pit bulls attacking leashed dogs.

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