Monday, July 13, 2009

Prospect Park Weekend Report

Friday 8-8:45 A.M., in a circuit around Long Meadow, we saw 6 illegally unleashed dogs outside the perimeter sidewalk.

On Saturday between about 1:30 and 3 P.M., we saw at least 9 unleashed dogs. One was on the Peninsula Meadow, at least two were running around the Nethermead, at least four were at the dog beach (which even the hypocrites at FIDO say is off-limits to unleashed dogs outside dog hours, and the others were on various pedestrian paths. We didn't get to the Long Meadow. No police or PEP agents were in sight.


ChickenUnderwear said...

It is not just some dog owners that are ignoring the rules. Bicycle riders go in any direction and on any road they want. People BBQ anywhere it is convenient or pleasant for them. Park users have to litter for lack of trash pails.

When Nobody tells people to follow the rules, they become recommendations.

It is human nature, I expect the park to revert to the mess it was in the '70s unless some of the PEP officers come back or the Police start doing more than protecting their crime statistics.

Datnioides said...

What about the mess FIDO dogs leave behind? It's encouraging and heartening to see FIDO peeps cleaning up the park, after all it is their turf. But still..Oh,the irony.

Letting dogs wander off leash around piles of garbage where they can ingest all kinds of bad things does not seem like responsible dog ownership to me (see pics in link). Here we have yet another argument in favor of a well-maintained, 24/7 fenced off leash dog run in Prospect Park.