Friday, August 21, 2009

Prospect's 24-Hour Dog Beach

More off-leash dogs at the dog beach yesterday. Despite two signs stating dogs must be leashed after 9am, as we have repeatedly reported, people routinely ignore the rule. A family who had come to feed the ducks were interrupted by this inconsiderate jerk.

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Winston Smith said...

I would not call him an inconsiderate jerk. He is just part of the minority of park users who don't know or don't care what the rules and regulations of the park are.

Most park users know the rules and follow them because they know EVERYONE will have a better experience in the park in they abide by them.

The signs are not enough.

There are many bikers going the wrong way, Bar-B-Que-rs in the wrong place. and even people drinking wine and beer (or worse? better?) in the Park.

I and why shouldn't they, nobody is telling them not to.

Why shouldn't a person ride their bike on the sidewalk when they see the cops allowing a person to enjoy a cold beer on the Long Meadow.

Individually these "violations" are no bid deal. But it just leaves the park a dangerous mess.