Monday, November 9, 2009

Tupper's Back Yard; Dog Beach Again; Loose At the Lake; Benepe the Environmentalist

Here's more proof that Prospect Park administrator Tupper Thomas is complicit in the illegal offleash dog activity in Prospect Park. This video was made at 5:30pm on Saturday, November 7th. The five unleashed dogs are directly in front of the Litchfield Villa. The building is the location of Tupper Thomas' office, as well as the Parks Enforcement Patrols and other administrative departments. The dogs are off-leash 3 1/2 hours before the offleash hours in an area where dogs must be leashed at all times. That's as illegal as you can get. But if dog owners ever had any concern about receiving a leash law summons, it certainly has vanished.

Several yards to the right of these dog owners is a sign with the offleash rules and a map. Several yards to the left is a playground, and young children frequently play on the grass in this area occupied by dogs. Would you let your toddlers crawl on the grass here.

If you would like to send a complaint email to Ms. Thomas, her email address is:

* * *

Dog Beach, yesterday, 4pm, 4 unleashed dogs. In addition, the woman who couldn't perform simple addition had all her dogs offleash in the same area next to the lake. I told her that I put her video from the other day on the Internet and she quickly leashed her dogs.

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Dog Beach today, 12:30 P.M., 1 golden retriever off-leash. 2 PEP cars right there. car #414, license plate #L87495, and car #315, license plate #M22365. No summons issued.

* * *

4 P.M. today, middle-aged white couple on south lake shore, sitting on beach chairs, with a beagle mutt and golden retriever unleashed and going into the water.

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We have said before that Adrian Benepe is commissioner of the Department of Recreation, not the Department of Parks and Recreation. Lest there be any doubt of this, see this little item on the DOPR website: the Benepe is about to pave over the Parade Grounds in artificial turf. When it's not being used by athletes--for whom artificial turf will do no favors--it is a landing place for birds, particularly for wintering brant geese (not the pesty Canada geese). Presumably Benepe is going to arrange for synthetic geese instead.

And see this item in today's New York Post:
A Post investigation found there's little recycling going on in city green spaces, but the more shocking news is how waste collected in parks gets dumped.

Not only are routine recyclables like bottles, cans and paper being sent to landfills, but so is other waste that is supposed to be trashed separately, such as animal carcasses, medical waste and bins of used kitchen oil, according to some longtime parks employees responsible for garbage pickups.

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