Thursday, November 26, 2009

Latest Prospect Illegal Loose Dogs Sightings.


9:30 A.M., 6 off-leash on the peninsula meadow, including collie, German shepherd, black labrador, and black labrador mongrel
9:55 A.M., 38-year-old white female owner with grey jogging pants, blue sweat jacket, red gloves and a curly permanent throwing a ball to a brown-white boxer on the peninsula thumb
10:05 A.M., all-black shepherd mix on peninsula thumb, owner unseen
10:20 A.M., 30-year-old Asian with small white terrier midway up lookout hill, above lamppost 249

Happy Thanksgiving

7:50 A.M., young black male walking 5 dogs, one of them on-leash, along path from Nethermead to Peninsula. He lost all semblance of control of them when whey got onto Wellhouse Drive

Friday, Nov. 20:

9:30 A.M., white woman with Great Dane, a long-time repeat scofflaw, on the peninsula meadow near the water

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