Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not Out of the Woods; Response to Winston's Email to PPA

From a correspondent:
I was going up the heavily-wooded Lookout Hill path when I stopped in front off a large unleashed German shepherd. The owner was a middle-aged white guy wearing a light blue denim jacket and a dark blue ski cap, and shiny Rayban-type sunglasses. I told him to leash his dog, that dogs are never allowed off-leash in the woods. What did the idiot say?

"Oh , we aren't really in the woods, we are on the path."

I said to him, "Hey buddy, look around you, what do you see?"

His response: "Oh, we really aren't in the woods."

* * *
Winston Smith earlier reported his emailed complaint to the PPA about dogs on the ballfields, and the response that they shouldn't be there and the matter would be referred to Josephine Pitari and the PEP. We said that he'd hear that the PEP had issued some ridiculously small number of summonses, that PEP would claim to be a big deal. From Winston:
I am getting the exact response you said I would.
forward this info to Winston Smith.
A/P Bk Sgt. Eason, 18 summonses issued in Prospect Pk for November 2009, will continue enforcement throughout park. TL
Josephine Pittari
As we've observed before, if there are 50 unleashed dogs on just the ballfields each day, and PEP issues even 36 summonses a month in all of Prospect Park, just what chance is there of a dog owner who lets his dog loose illegally getting a ticket? 1 in 100, if that? So on that assumption--which is wildly optimistic from our point of view--the expected value of a ticket is $1.00. No wonder these inconsiderate idiots feel free to abuse and ignore the law.

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Winston Smith said...

What are the chances that a dog owner will even thing they will get a ticket.

The lack of enforcement has led many think there are no consequences to their ruining the park for others.