Wednesday, December 16, 2009

PEP Scofflaws

Today we found out that our observation that PEP was avoiding enforcing the leash rules before 9 A.M. by having nobody on duty is no longer true. Instead, PEP does it in other ways. From our correspondent:

At 8:05 this morning I observed these 5 unleashed sheepdogs, barking loudly, on Breeze Hill, which is the road between Wellhouse Drive and the east park drive. I called PEP and--mirabile dictu!--an Officer Smith picked up the telephone. I reported the sheep dogs and he responded: "They have until 9 o'clock." I replied that this was wrong; dogs are allowed off-leash at that hour only on the Nethermead, Peninsula and Long Meadow. He irately demanded to know who I was. I responded that I was a birdwatcher. The officer then said that he would send a car "to assess the situation." When I attempted to ask where he was getting his information, he hung up.

See also the previous post: these were the same dogs, and owners.
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Also, one loose on the south side of the lake.

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