Sunday, January 31, 2010

Prospect Park

More catch-up

Jan. 15.
You'd think that by now the PEP dopes would have it figured out. Guess not. Went into the park at 10am and there were still plenty of unleashed dogs. Between 10am and 4pm I saw a total of 12 unleashed dogs on the Long Meadow, Ravine, Payne Hill, Lullwater and Peninsula. Early on I saw Marcia coming out of the woods at Sullivan Hill with her two unleashed rat terriers. As soon as she saw me take out my camera she began to leash the dogs. While I was still recording she yelled, "Didn't get what you wanted? Better luck next time?"

Dec. 27. At 1:10 P.M. a DOPR worker warned a 22-year-old white woman with wide sunglasses, long dark brown hair, wearing dark black velvet fur coat, who had a pit bull, mostly white with brown spots, unleashed above the Maryland monument. She waved the leash defiantly in the worker's face. About ten minutes later she had her dog off-leash on the Nethermead, and rushed to leash it when she saw a PEP car. The license plate number on the PEP car was M- 22365. The car stopped next to her but instead of issuing a ticket only gave her a card with off-leash rules.

About five minutes before, an overweight middle-aged white male with a salt and pepper thin mustache and hair parked his Chevrolet pickup with New York plates, license plate number EWR-3179, illegally on Center Drive outside the Quaker cemetery main gate, asked the worker about his lost dog.

January 6 unleashed dogs:

3:45PM: 5, Nethermead Meadow
4:45PM: 3, Long Meadow

All dog owners were Caucasian.

And the anti-leash advocates, particularly FIDO, will invariably tell you that they carefully clean up after their pets during off-leash hours. Many do. The question is what they do with the waste. Here are two answers' the pictures were taken in mid-December.

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Winston Smith said...

I wish the traffic officer gave me a ticket when my parking meter expired.

That is the point. People (mostly) choose a legal parking spot because they know they are likely to get a ticket if they don't.

Property owners put out their trash at the appropriate time because the Dept of Sanitation will issue you a summons if you don't.

But (virtually) nobody gets a ticket for littering, jay walking, not cleaning up after your dog, or keeping it properly leashed. Until there is some enforcement there will be many who will not follow the law.

Financial self-interest is the great motivating factor, not shame.

anyway, check out the new poll on the