Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another CP Coyote on the Loose; Park Slope Lays An Egg

As reported in the Gothamistz: "I walk my dog there at least twice every day and had heard from other dog owners that police were warning people to keep their dogs on leash at night because of a coyote."

Um, maybe they should always keep their dogs leashed. Maybe this is just another reason why permitting dogs to be loose in the parks is a really dumb idea.

Someone, evidently incensed by dogs barking at a Park Slope dog run, has been pelting the responsible parties with eggs. We didn't post anything at first, but now it seems that at least some of the barking is at night after the dog run is closed. (Hat tip to Datnioides.) No surprise there: the dog run users presumably are the same people who let their dogs loose in Prospect Park, often illegally. And why is there both a dog run and effectively unlimited off-leash in the park?

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