Monday, February 15, 2010

Watch the Ice?

[Repost of 2/7/10]

At about 2:20pm today, one of our correspondents saw 5 unleashed dogs on the Nethermead meadow. The owners were throwing balls and sticks for their pets, as if they knew nothing would be done to stop them. The correspondent had seen a P.E.P. vehicle parked next to the lake (less than 500 yards to the south), so he went back to alert the officer. The P.E.P. officer seemed very sympathetic, but told our correspondent that he couldn't leave his post next to the lake (he was watching for anyone trying to walk on the ice). He said he would call it in to his commander to see if they could send another vehicle. Our correspondent went back a few minutes later and was told that there were no officers available in the borough, so that nothing would be done about the dogs. The officer asked if the correspondent ever called 311 when he had problems with off-leash dogs. The correspondent responded that he had given up doing that because the 311 operator never sent any patrol cars. As the correspondent observed to us, what good is letting PEP know at all when complaining directly to a PEP officer who was only 30 seconds away from 5 scofflaws accomplishes nothing.

Our correspondent passed another 4 unleashed dogs on the Long Meadow at around 2:45pm

Another correspondent reports seeing a large white dog fetching sticks on the Peninsula meadow around 2 P.M. Friday. The correspondent alerted a PEP officer maybe 100 feet away, Officer Torres, who was also watching the ice near the lake. Officer Torres seemed very interested. and turned his car towards to drive the distance. The correspondent didn't stick around to see what happened next.

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