Friday, April 23, 2010

By the Lullwater

From a correspondent:
I have been avoiding the off-leashers because it is bad for my metabolism. However....

This genius I photographed with my iPhone. He is evidently well-known to the dog walking community as a notorious asshole. Today I was sitting on a log in the Lullwater listening to warblers when I heard a huge splash which turned out to be caused by this guy throwing a heavy stick far into the water for his dogs (only one of which shows in the photo) to fetch. His response when I reminded him that dogs must be on the leash at all times in the wooded area was "would it be better if I tied up the dog and jumped in the water myself?" I heated discussion ensued with him leaving saying he is a good guy and I should have a good day (subtext: fuck you.)

My neighbor the dogwalker said she had seen dogwalkers being ticketed but always in the meadows after 9 AM. The PEP only leave their vehicles to actually give a ticket, never to patrol.

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