Monday, May 24, 2010

Doffighting in Prospect Park?; Swans and Tupper

The New York Post reports what appears to be dogfight training at 7:30 A.M. one day in a "remote" area of Prospect Park. What the Post does not, and presumably would not, report is that this probably would not have happened four or five years ago because there were people other than dog owners--people whose presence presumably would deter this sort of activity-- in these "remote" areas at that hour. But all the unleashed dogs, resulting from the new off-leash regulations and the City's refusal to enforce even them, seems to have scared these people out of the park. The vacuum is now being filled. So much for off-leash making parks safer.

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Prospect Park's swans hatched last week, and one baby promptly strangled on some discarded fishing line. Get this:
"Things happen out in nature. These are wild animals," said Prospect Park Administrator Tupper Thomas. "It's like any animals in the world, where only the strongest survive."

Since when is fishing line part of nature? Is Tupper so cavalier about canine--particularly unleashed canine--effects on park wildlife because she thinks domesticated dogs under their owners' control are also just part of nature? And this woman administers a park that includes what are in essence nature preserves?

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Winston Smith said...

Tupper's only job is to make Prospect Park look perfect. If you expect more you are just going to get frustrated. Her time is almost up. Maybe the next CEO of Prospect Park will be from the real world.