Thursday, May 6, 2010

Prospect Park Leash Signs Vandalized

An email from a correspondent to Tupper Thomas:

Ms. Thomas,

Attached is a recent photo I took of one of the signs that the PPA had installed at the entrances to the Ravine, Midwood and several other locations in Prospect Park. I thought you should know that, over the last 1-2 weeks dog owners have torn them all down. Many of the signs that surround the baseball fields have also been removed. This is just another symptom of the escalating problems with dog owners in Prospect Park. In addition, I have found that, due to a lack of P.E.P. presence during the offleash hours, dog owners routinely run their pets unleashed through the park's woodlands, waterways, ball fields and, pretty much, anywhere they want. Is there any possibility that you could not only replace the vandalized signs, but also request P.E.P. patrols of the wooded areas prior to 9am?

To which Tupper replied:
Thanks for the info... we were wondering who would take the signs down.
I will talk to FIDO about that too. The rules on the ballfields are
finally working but we have a nasty crowd that seems to have formed on
Lookout Hill not during off leash hours too that are doing some damage
and PEP and Police are working on it.

Right. Talk to FIDO. PEP and Police are working on "it"--meaning, on doing even less than they are doing now, if that is possible. And as we have documented--see our previous posts--that "nasty crowd" has been there, during off-leash hours, for as long as we've had this blog.

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Winston Smith said...

Tupper just doesn't get it. FIDO is not responsible for enforcing the leash laws. The police are!