Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Signs of the Times

Signs like this are sprouting around trees all over Prospect Park. People barbecue and prefer to dump the spent coals right at the base of trees, sometimes newly planted trees. Why? While you'll no longer see any DPR signs saying so (if there were signs they'd be ripped down, like the ones near wooded areas of Prospect Park saying dogs must be leashed there), dog urine also kills trees. Dogs prefer to urinate on trees and fire hydrants. Why do people prefer to deposit their waste at the base of trees and hydrants? The theory of evolution is all wrong. People did not evolve from apes. People evolved from dogs, and haven't evolved very far. And at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder are dog owners who can't tell the difference between dogs and people, going so far as to debase religious rituals with their pets. For a recent example, see this and this on "dog Seders":
On Wednesday evening, the third night of Passover, 46 yarmulke-clad dogs attended the first non-Denominational Passover Seder for Dogs, held at L.A.'s Hotel Palomar. The event, organized by online dog magazine Dog News Daily, put on a fancy spread for canines and their two-legged counterparts . . .

And see these signs, which the DPR sought fit to post in Central Park.

If rabies is enough of a public health threat that the DPR "advises" park users to keep their dogs leashed, why do dogs continue to be allowed off-leash in the parks?

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