Saturday, June 5, 2010

Charcoaled Dog

Phoney Tony and the rest of the FIDO brigade don't like it that the grillers, instead of the just the dog owners, are ruining Prospect Park's Peninsula Meadow and killing its trees.
“There is no enforcement [of park regulations],” said Angelo Izzi, who was in the park with his Newfound-retriever pooch. “All this charcoal — it’s killing the trees.”

. . .

Tony Chiappelloni was especially upset because the peninsula — which is a dog run — is ostensibly off-limits for grilling, though the chicken bones and charcoal-piles proved that many park-goers had ignored the small signs posted on the edge of the field.

“Chicken bones splinter [in a dog’s stomach],” said Chiappelloni while picking up garbage. “Charcoal in the lake — that’s petroleum — it’s toxic!

“And more trash means more rats, and they carry diseases,” he added.

As another dog-lover, Frances Brodeur, collected garbage, she lamented that some people just seem to have no respect for Brooklyn’s most-cherished natural area.

Hat-tip to Christina.

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