Thursday, August 5, 2010

Federal Offense

As we've written before, Plum(b) Beach in Brooklyn is part of Gateway National Recreation Area. Therefore, pets must be leashed all of the time (as they would in any event under New York City law) and are not allowed on the beach at all between March 15 and September 15? Why? Nesting shorebirds. So of course on late Tuesday evening, we saw four dogs, three leashed and one unleashed. Two of the unleashed dogs were walking by their owners' sides, but one was busy chasing the shorebirds,which were trying to feed. Here are the videos, and a still of the bird-chaser's owner:

Let us see how many laws this presumptuous and inconsiderate gentleman is breaking. He is letting his dog loose (1) outside a "designated area" (2) between 9 A.M. and 9 P.M. (3) without maintaining control of the dog (4) in a federal park where dogs always must be leashed (5) between March 15 and November 15, when dogs are not allowed there at all, and (6)and (7) permitting the dog to harass migratory birds, which is banned both under the City's leash law and the federal migratory bird act. Plus, 10-1 that the dog's not licensed. How much of a fine does this all add up to? How about an even $2,500? Don't you think that if this fellow actually paid a $2,500 for his inconsiderate behavior, word would get out and illegal dog activity at Plum(b) Beach, and maybe everywhere at Gateway, would essentially cease? What are the feds waiting for?

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