Sunday, November 21, 2010

Budget Cuts

About 1:30 on Friday I walked through the Long Meadow along the east side accompanied all the way by this unleashed dog and its scofflaw owner.

This police van

was parked on the east side but its occupants did nothing as dog and owner passed by. On the way, the dog dug a hole by the side of a tree. The dog and owner continued, unleashed, into the Ravine past a sign indicating that dogs must be leashed at all times.

Newspaper reports say that while the Bloomberg administration will lay off 10,000 workers, including over 5,000 teachers, no cops will lose their jobs. Why not? Also, the Parks Department's budget is being cut, but apparently unleashed dogs hours are being retained. Why? Why is the city agreeing to continue to pay to fix the damage these animals cause when it can't afford teachers and social workers?

Earlier on Friday I overheard a conversation in an elevator in Manhattan. A young mother was describing accompanying her daughter to Central Park on a class trip to experience autumn. The mother held her daughter back as the teacher and the other students waded through the leaves. The mother described in a horrified voice the students and teachers emerging with their shoes covered with dog crap.

One of the joys, the pleasures, of being a child in the Northeast is getting to play in autumn leaves. But if you're a child in New York City and don't have your own backyard, and particularly if you live in Manhattan, you can't do that. Before 9 A.M. each day, Central Park is one big dog run. And dogs also love piles of leaves. Evidently, according to Mayor Bloomberg it is more important that dogs get to play in the leaves than that children get to do so. So it's official: according to Mayor Bloomberg, the city's dogs are more important than its children. And that's why teachers lose their jobs while dogs still get to destroy the city's parks.

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Datnioides said...

I had the same thoughts regarding the parks department layoffs. Leash rule enforcement in Prospect Park will become even less of a priority if that is even possible, and the arrogant entitled dog owners will continue to make a mockery of said rules. Several weeks ago I walked into Prospect Park at the library entrance at around 11.30 am; within five minutes, my elderly pit bull and I were surrounded by no fewer than three off leash dogs romping through the Vale woods. Three! My dog, true to her type, loves people but hates other dogs. I told the young white dog owners that they were behaving like children, disobeying the rules just because they could (among other things).

The entitled attitude of these dog owners is pervasive and can be observed outside of the park as well as in it. The young white female owner of a golden retriever that lives across the street from me is so lazy and selfish that she lets her dog take huge dumps in one of the tiny grassy fenced areas in front of the building..AND NEVER CLEANS UP THE DOG'S MESS. The other grassy area is pristine because it is locked off. I was telling my son about this one night last weekend, and even as I was telling him the story, the lazy dog owner's boyfriend actually came out and let the golden retriever into the yard! The yard is so disgusting from all the previous deposits that even the dog didn't want to go in there!!! When these people DO bother to walk their dog on the sidewalk, they NEVER use a leash! Where do these idiots come from, and why are they all moving to Prospect Heights and Park Slope?