Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Guess Unleashed Dogs Don't Make Neighborhoods Safer After All

According to this report, when they visit the local dog run in Tompkins Square Park dog owners are carrying knives and other weapons to deter attacks by pit bulls. See also here and here.

Didn't the Parks Department, parroting the off-leash lobby, tell us that letting dogs run loose reduces crime and makes neighborhoods safer?

Hat-tip to Winston Smith and Christina.


Datnioides said...

Don't bring a knife to a pit bull fight. Bring a breaking stick instead. This is a flat, blunted wooden instrument that can be inserted into the dog's mouth and used to lever the jaws open and force the animal to let go. Straddle the dog from behind and keep a good grip on the collar while using the stick. An even better idea would be not to let your pit bull run loose in a dog park in the first place.

I own a pit bull who I've had for 13 years. There is no better dog for a knowledgeable, experienced owner who is willing to invest serious time and effort in training and exercising the animal. When I was trying to stop the idiotic off leash hours in Prospect Park, the pro-offleash lunatic fringe element would email me stuff like, "I feel sorry for your pit, you never let it off leash, what kind of life is that for a dog, etc etc." Anyone who thinks a pit bull can run loose and play nice with other dogs is deluded, and needs to read up on where this dog comes from and what it was bred to do.

boom said...

I've stopped three robberies while walking my dogs in the park. Let me correct that, my dogs stopped the crimes.