Thursday, September 1, 2011

Even More About Plumb Beach

There is little question that Plumb Beach is the worst park in the National Park Service system. Conditions there are so bad that rangers at Jacob Riis Park once told me that they all refer to it as the "Wild West". The historic bathroom building there has been closed for decades and is falling apart, the rules on the newly erected signs are disregarded on a regular basis, and the small wooded area parallel to the parkway is used for open sex and drug use. Even the NYPD know about the wooded area as indicated by a newspaper article about an NYC detective who was arrested there for lewd behavior:

When I pointed out to the people in the video that dogs were never permitted off-leash at Plumb Beach they told me that they weren't aware of the rules. Notified of the rules, they continued to allow their pets to run down the beach and through the dunes (where they undoubtedly relieved themselves in this sensitive habitat). Their dogs also chased migrating shorebirds from the mudflats.

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