Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dog Attacks Dog (and Pet Sitter) In Brooklyn Park

"Dog owners barking mad at pooch attacks in Brooklyn and upper Manhattan city parks
Inwoof dog group blasts cops for not arresting owners of vicious dogs". That's the headline in today's Daily News. The park was in Bushwick, not Prospect, but the problem is hardly surprising: an unleashed dog attacked a leashed dog, and the cops refused to do anything about it, even after showing up to watch the attack. Read it the whole thing here here, but particularly get this:
Usually, after a bite, cops notify the Department of Health’s Animal Bite Unit who then probes whether the owner has proper vaccination documents for their pet.

Failing to have the correct paperwork can lead to fines of up to $1,000, said a DOH spokesperson, adding that there are no records of the two biting incidents.

So the loose dog policy caused dog bites to be at historic lows, right? (Actually, as we reported the other day, they are up, but never mind.) We know why now: they're not being reported.

Hat-tip to Christina.

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