Sunday, December 2, 2012

Unleashed Cloned Collies Terrorize Central Park

From today's New York Post (for what it's worth):

Beware the canine clones!
An Upper West Side man loved his pet, Astro, so much, he made a hat out of the pooch’s fur — and cloned him into two more dogs.
Now he defiantly lets his copycat collies run around Central Park without a leash — and neighbors say dogs are terrorizing the Upper West Side.
“This is a tragedy waiting to happen,” said one man who claims the dogs charged at his puppy and bit his hand. “The city knows about this problem and does nothing. The law has no teeth, so to speak.”
The clones’ elusive master, Gary Rintel, 45, who often dawdles a block ahead of or behind his marauding mutts, readily admits he flouts the leash law and has paid $2,000 in tickets in the past year.
Notice that $2,000 in tickets. If it's true, it represents 20 tickets--the fine has not been increased for decades.  (And why aren't such people being ticketed in Prospect Park?) Why not raise it to $250 for the first offense, $500 for each succeeding offense, just to (partially) keep up with inflation?  Bankrupt the guy--and everyone else who runs his or her dogs illegally.

Hat-tip to Christina.

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