Saturday, January 5, 2008

Even Nicer Weather

Today's Prospect Park report, from. a correspondent. The weather: sunny and in the 40s.

12:35PM - 2 unleashed dogs on path between Boulder Bridge & Center Dr.
05:25PM - 10 unleashed dogs on Nethermead Meadow.
05:30PM - 1 unleashed dog on baseball fields.
05:35PM - 4 unleashed dogs on Long Meadow.

To remind you, loose dog hours on the Long Meadow and Nethermead Meadow do not start until 9 P.M. Loose dog hours on the Nethermead Meadow used to start at 5 P.M. but don't anymore. Loose dog hours on Long Meadow never started until 9 P.M. Loose dog hours in the other places--there never were any.