Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Second Weekly Sunday Morning Survey

Prospect Park, about 6:50 A.M.-7:25 A.M. During a jaunt around the perimeter road, we saw 2 illegally unleashed dogs, both outside the Long Meadow. Both owners were white. Since we saw a total of four unleashed dogs on the Long Meadow (that's right, 4), it couldn't have been because the Long Meadow was too crowded. We passed a total of 179 people, including the dog owners. 120 were black (including a couple of Mexicans). Of the total, about ten people, including one black person, were walking or accompanying dogs.

Which raises the further question: since the off-leash crowd is barely using the Long Meadow at that hour, why are dogs permitted off-leash there AND the Nethermead AND the Peninsula?

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
6:15 P.M.: At least 6 unleashed dogs on the Nethermead, white owners, while a bunch of black folks played soccer. Nearest cop seemed to be on the corner of West & Center Drives. We didn't bother him. PEP agents? You must be joking.

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