Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bicyclists & Dogs in Central Park; A Clean Sweep

An article in the June 30 New York Magazine writes about confrontations between bicyclists and loose dogs in Central Park:

For a cyclist, however, loose dogs can be a mortal threat. Caryl Gale, an accomplished cyclist and creative director at a fashion company, slammed into an unleashed dog that darted into the middle of a bike race last summer. “It was like going into a brick wall,” Gale told me. “It’s ridiculous,” she said, that dogs are allowed to run off-leash near the roads, and it was lucky that she walked away with only a fractured shoulder and a broken bike. Characteristically, she didn’t mention what happened to the dog.

It will only get worse.

And a story in the June 14 Daily News about a dog that got sucked into a street sweeper in the Bronx. The owner, Robert Machin, claims that he was holding the dog's leash, and a witness agreed. The News has a picture of Machlin with a broken leash. But there seems to be some question about whether that’s really what happened. According to a report on the CBS TV website:

The head of the sanitation workers' union isn't convinced the dog was on a leash.

"I honestly believe that the broom, the dog was loose at the time," said Harry Nespoli of the Uniformed Sanitationmen's Association.

Machin disagrees.

"My dog was on a leash. They're always on a leash," he said.
Where have we heard that before?

And maybe we can get the Sanitation Department to send a street sweeper or two to Prospect Park?

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Anonymous said...

A witness confirmed that the dog was on the leash. So what is your point? Obviously the dog owner had curbed his small dog and the street cleaner swept closely. A trajic accident but no one did anything maliciously.

And about NYMagazine. If you read the entire story and the posted comments, most of the complaints are about the bicyclists riding too quickly, not stopping at lights, and riding where they should not be. You have selectively chosen passages that you incorrectly infer support your anti-dog campaign.