Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pit Bull Comes Out Second Best; SI Update; PP Signage

Today’s Daily News reports a pit bull was bitten by a rattlesnake, probably someone’s escaped pet, in the Bronx. We’ll state the obvious: the public sympathy will be much less than if the rattlesnake had bitten, say, a bichon frise on Staten Island. We have no way of knowing whether the dog was leashed (he is leashed in the picture), although we suspect that that any leash was not the six-foot variety required by law, a law that’s not enforced and widely ignored.

Also in today's News, the owner of the pit bulls involved in the July 1 attack on Staten Island and his live-in girlfriend have now been arraigned on charges of second and third-degree assault. As we said before, we doubt these charges will stick.

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Prospect Park, 8:50 A.M., Boulder Bridge, unleashed golden Labrador retriever accompanied by redheaded female and white male with dark sunglasses. When informed that the dog should be leashed, they replied “oh, we didn’t know”. We are told that the DOPR (or, more precisely, the Prospect Park Alliance) has begun to put up signs around the park saying “dogs must be leashed in this area”. We saw one at an entrance to the Ravine. It’s much smaller than the ones in Central Park. The sign was not designed to be seen and, we suspect, was designed not to be seen.

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