Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dog Waste Transfer Stations; PEP for Hire

About a week ago, green dog waste disposal boxes set on pedestals suddenly appeared at each of the “designated areas” in Prospect Park, courtesy of FIDO. Within a few days, though, these dog waste transfer stations—about as desirable for anybody but dog owners as any other waste transfer stations—were gone. Our DOPR informants can’t get information; the higher-ups aren’t talking.

* * * *
We have figures—which we’ll publish soon—showing that PEP writes virtually no tickets for unleashed dogs in the outer boroughs, but apparently a fair number in Manhattan. We now see one reason why. According to Saturday’s Daily News, private groups that run Battery Park City and Hudson River Park pay the DOPR for PEP officers. But that doesn’t leave very many anywhere else:

Figures obtained by the Daily News show that 38 PEP officers are contracted to work at Hudson River Park. By comparison, only six PEP officers and four supervisors patrol all 4,000 acres of Brooklyn's parkland. In the Bronx, six PEP officers and five supervisors are assigned to patrol 6,900 acres. In Staten Island, there are only three PEP officers and three supervisors assigned to more than 7,000 acres of parkland. The numbers for Queens' 7,000 acres are four PEP officers and three supervisors.

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Today around 5:30 P.M. , at least five unleashed dogs were rambling around the Nethermead. We’ll post pictures when we can download them from our cellphone.

UPDATE: The pictures are at the top.

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And finally, a report that we missed of a dogfight--between owners--last June at the Manhattan Beach dog run.

Two men rumbled at a Brooklyn dog run in a fight over their beloved pooches - ending when one whipped a water bottle into the other's face, breaking his nose, cops said yesterday.

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