Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The People Fight Back in Boston; L.I . Home Invasion

In Boston (as in New York) it's dog owners vs. "everybody else":

City Councilor William Linehan, who represents several neighborhoods with growing dog populations, like the South End and South Boston, says the problem of dogs running free in city parks has gotten out of hand lately as dog owners, with little fear of punishment, have become emboldened to flout leash laws.

Linehan has called for a public hearing to open dialogue between the groups and to discuss whether the city needs to toughen up penalties for violating leash and pooper-scooper regulations, step up enforcement, and look at the possibility of creating more dog-friendly areas so the pets and their owners have somewhere to go. The meeting has been slated for Oct. 28 at 6 p.m. in the Ianella Chamber at City Hall.

"We want to try and change the culture of dog owners," said Linehan. "We need to cohabitate, but there are still existing rules."

An avid runner, Linehan said he always sees dogs running around off-leash each morning on Carson Beach, forcing him to make a split-second judgment about whether he'll be attacked.

"It's really the dog owners at fault. I have nothing against dogs," said Linehan.

To those who say their dogs need to socialize and the exercise they receive off-leash, he says, "I know people are passionate about their animals, but they're property."

The only difference seems to be that in Boston, citizens are willing to do something about unleashed dogs in the parks instead of caving to the dog owners.

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According to Newsday, a brave grey squirrel invaded a home in Long Island and bit the family dog. Unfortunately, the squirrel was euthanized: we were going to offer to release it in Prospect Park.


Datnioides said...

The voice of off leash idiocy:

"Dogs are not 'property'.

We might own our dogs, but they are not a piece of furniture.

Just because you don't have your dog on a leash, doesn't make you a bad dog owner.

I often run into people into the middle of the woods in a large state park in the suburbs who are offended that my dog is not on a leash. If I can't let my dog run in the middle of the woods, where is he supposed to run.

If you don't want to run into a dog in the woods, stay out of the wood.

p.s. I didn't neuter my dog either. The only people who say it's no big deal to cut a dog's balls off are women. "

- A response to the Boston dog article

This moron is probably a troll, but he exemplifies the attitude of proponents of off leash dogs in public parks and open space.

Here is the typical dog owner whining and entitlement: If he can't let his dog run off leash in the middle of the woods, then where is the animal supposed to run? Answer: That's your problem. You own a dog, you are responsible for exercising it. If you can't afford your own patch of woods, well too bad! That's life! Cry me a river.

And just why is the government supposed to provide you with open space to run your privately owned beast? The fact is most hikers, walkers, runners, bikers etc do not enjoy the moment of tension caused by an unknown unleashed dog running up to them. To tell others, as the FIDO crew does in Prospect Park, to stay out of "your" park if they don't like running into off leash dogs, is selfish and arrogant.

Walk your dog on a leash for several miles and it will be just as happy and tired, and probably more so, than after running around randomly for an hour or so. To a dog, the important thing is not being able to "run free" but enjoying the company of its owner on a walk. As a bonus, Dog Owner, if you hand walk your pet, some of the fat on your own behind (and maybe the fat in your head) will melt away as well. Try it sometime!

PS Unneutered male dogs are responsible for most dog bites and cause the most dog fights in dog parks.

Datnioides said...

Short and sweet, from a pit bull owner on a dog forum:

"Dog parks are for PEOPLE to feel better about themselves as dog owners.
Not about DOGS.
We would never bring ours to an offleash dog park, no matter what breed we own."