Monday, November 3, 2008

A Religious Debate About Dogs, and More Loose Ones

A religious debate about dogs. It’s all Photoshop fakery but not inappropriate.

* * *

Prospect Park this morning about 9 A.M. at Boulder Bridge, we observed a thin white female with an unleashed and hostile fox or rat terrier . On the east side of Central Park near the Metropolitan Museum, around 9:15 (after dog hours) we observed five unleashed dogs with their white owners. About 25 minutes later, we observed a small dog following its well-dressed white female owner (dog and woman’s heels at left) at a considerable distance as she walked under the 66th St. overpass, past a sign reading "Dogs Must Be Leashed in This Area At All Times", and the Delacourte clock..

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Michael said...

My 8 year old twins are just learning to ride their bikes. I was with my kids on a bike ride in Prospect Park on Nov. 4 at about 2PM and was passed on the road by a marked police car. At first I did not recognize it jurisdiction. It was from the ASPCA. I was glad. There were no wild dogs to distract us.