Sunday, November 2, 2008

Unleashed Monster at Peninsula

It wouldn't be a visit to Prospect Park without encountering an obnoxiously selfish dog owner breaking the rules.

At around 4 pm on Saturday afternoon, 1 November, this woman walked onto the Peninsula and casually let this huge dog loose while throwing a ball for it to chase. Families with small children were everywhere. A young girl about 10 yrs old screamed when she came off the Lullwater path and saw this ugly beast running toward her at top speed.

As a dog owner with my leashed pit bull, I was ashamed to have this idiot woman make us all look bad. Plus, I had to worry about this dog getting into a fight with my leashed dog, an all-too- common scenario with leash law scofflaws. I departed hastily, only to find the Nethermead awash in loose dogs. Obviously, it was time to go home. No PEP vehicles in sight.

Thanks for the wonderful park experience, Tupper, and encouraging the "dog lovers" culture of noncompliance! There is apparently no room for a responsible dog owner in Prospect Park.

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