Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Not Just Dogs

Here is how the real world views off-leash dogs as a metaphor. It's not pretty.

* * *

Around 8:00 this morning in Prospect Park we saw a brown dog with a collar (picture above) wander from the peninsula meadow across the road, run up the hill into the bushes, and then run back to the peninsula to two male owners accompanying some smaller dogs. The brown dog was clearly not a stray. A few minutes later we saw a female owner unleash her black dog (movie below) at the path from Wellhouse Drive to the Nethermead. A few seconds later, we saw a female running with her unleashed dog along Breeze Hill.

At 9:03 this morning, there were still 30 unleashed dogs on the Long Meadow. At 9:15 there were 28 unleashed dogs off the north Nethermead. A bit later, there was an unleashed sheepdog at Boulder Bridge with a male owner. Later still there was a toy terrier accompanied by a young woman at baseball field 5.

All owners were white. No PEP agents or cops were in sight.

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