Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More on the Dog Roundup

From one of our correspondents:

On Sunday, around 12 pm, I saw a large dog running loose, chasing a thrown ball at the Mount Prospect Park, a tiny park behind the Brooklyn Public Library Main Branch. I guess the white male owner figured there is nobody else there so who cares? Since he held the field, all comers were forced to avoid him, including the writer. Mount Prospect Park remains the exclusive private 24-hour off leash dog run serving the wealthy white residents of Eastern Parkway and much of Prospect Heights, the majority of whom seem to own dogs.

Approximately two hours later, I was at the stone bridge near Rick's Place and the Ravine in Prospect Park's Midwood. No warbler was about, but looking down into the bridle path I spotted a self absorbed I-podded white man strolling along in the muddy roadway with an unleashed overfed black and white sheepdog trotting about ten yards ahead of him. Riders had just passed the same way five minutes previous. Why are these dog scofflaws so selfish and stupid? It boggles the mind. I hope at least one of them stepped in the fresh horse manure and tracked it back to their Park Slope brownstone apartment.

There was a PEP vehicle nosing about Rick's Place but it just missed the aforementioned jackanape. PEP was certainly doing nothing to discourage the dog owners in the Long Meadow, which was awash in unleashed dogs. I counted four romping near Grove Hill. As I exited the park in disgust, more dog owners kept arriving and unclipping their beasts. Is there a secret bush telegraph that summons these carefree white dog lovers? It was about 2 pm, mind you. Anyone who believes they will get a break from the leash law scofflaws in Prospect Park because it's cold outside has another think coming.

* * *
This morning around 9:15, at Prospect Park's 9th Street playground we observed a male with a black ski cap and a blue parka accompanying an unleashed black sheepdog. A few minutes later, on the Nethermead we observed a young couple with a large unleashed black poodle.

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