Sunday, December 14, 2008

Prospect Park Dog Roundup

Alas, only in the news sense: here's a roundup of this weekend's sightings of illegally unleashed dogs:

1. Friday morning at 9:05, sheep dog accompanied by a male with black leather coat and ski cap on the path between Wellhouse Rd. and the peninsula.

2. Friday morning around 9:10, mid-sized hairy dog with rust spots accompanied by a young female in a blue jogging suit and the north Lullwater.

3. Friday afternoon from 1-1:30 P.M., four unleashed dogs disturbed a photographer trying to take pictures of birds.

4. Sunday morning at 8:20, 27 dogs on and around the ballfields, where dogs aren't allowed at any time even on-leash.

5. Sunday afternoon beween 1:40 and 1:45, unleashed dogs at and around the dog beach (pictures above); the two owners at the dog beach proceeded with their unleashed charges into the ravine, where dogs must be leashed at all time.

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