Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More About Cops

From a correspondent:
February 23 at about 12:30 PM I was running in Prospect Park. As I approached the pedestrian entrance near 11th Ave I noticed a women unleashing her 2 large dogs. Just then a marked police car pasted and the cop used his PA to say "Ya better put a leash on those dogs". She did.

The cops drove down the hill and she immediately unleashed the dogs.

I don't know how this story ended.
We guess it ended the way it usually does, with the dog running around unleashed until the owner decides to leave. As we keep pointing out, cops should be giving tickets, not warnings, but someone must have told them not to.

* * *
Friday around 2:45 P.M. we observed a young white woman unleashing her large dog at the north end of the Long Meadow. Dog and owner headed west towards Park Slope.

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