Monday, February 23, 2009

More Adoo About Dog Poop

From Saturday's New York Post
Step lightly in New York's crappiest neighborhood - the Upper West Side.

The tony area is ground zero for doggy doo, packed with inconsiderate people who don't pick up after their pups, according to a list compiled for The Post by the Department of Sanitation.

Manhattan saw an 88 percent spike in fines for unattended droppings last year, with Morningside Drive, Amsterdam Avenue, West End Avenue, Riverside Drive and Central Park West leading the complaints, Sanitation enforcement officers said.

"It's a minefield over here," said Max Moyet, 34, a dog walker who lives on Central Park West. "It upsets the hell out of me."

Moyet says he takes pains to "stare down" people who do not clean up after their pooches, a practice that's become a daily activity.

"It's their self-absorbed, all-about-me attitude," Moyet complained. "They're like, 'I'm too busy going to my Pilates class. I don't have the time to keep the neighborhood clean.' "

* * *

Brooklyn pet owners, who live in the second-worst borough for doggy doo, have been slapped with 224 fines in 2008, up 47 percent from the year before. Sunset Park, Park Slope and Brownsville are the three top Fido-fouled areas.

Park Slope as a top "Fido-fouled area". Indeed.

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